Teac A-R630 MKII Integrated Stereo Amplifier


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Teac A-R630 MKII Integrated Stereo Amplifier

A high-powered Integrated Amplifier employing sophisticated differential input discrete amplifier circuitry.

The A-R630 MKII amplifier provides up to 2 x 90W of output power and can be used with speakers of between 4Ω and 16Ω impedance. That makes it the perfect amplifier choice, regardless of whether it's to be used with bookshelf monitor speakers or large floorstanding speakers. Because the amplifier is equipped with two pairs of speaker outputs you can also enjoy simultaneous sound in separate rooms.

Further features include an adjustable microphone input and a headphone output. A Phono input with built-in Phono equalizer amplifier is another attractive feature for traditional audiophiles. A system remote control unit that's able to control the CD-P650 CD Player and any UR-tagged TEAC components also comes as standard. TAPE2 Monitor delivers monitor sound from the TAPE2 input to the speakers, regardless of the input source.

Differential Input Discrete Pre-amplifier Circuit

A discrete circuit design is employed for pre-amplifier section, to deliver a detailed yet abundantly musical quality. Your room will be filled with natural and powerful sound...

FET Differential Input 3-stage Pure Complemental Discrete Power Amplifier Circuit

The power amplifier section employs a Differential Input 3-stage Pure Complemental Discrete circuit with FET (Field Effect Transistor). The circuit design has an optimised layout to minimize interference and signal loss as it travels through the circuit board.

Mic input with mixing function

A mic input on the front panel allows users to stage Karaoke sessions by mix singing voices from a mic input with music from a selected input source. The A-R630 MKII also helps users to record their Karaoke performances by sending the blended sound out to an external recording device such as AD-RW900 or CD-RW890.

Auxiliary AC Output

The A-R650 MKII also features a switched auxiliary AC output on rear panel (up to 100w), so users can connect a CD Player or component, minimising the number of plugs required.

Main Features

  •     90W + 90W Output Power at 4 ohms
  •     FET differential input three-stage pure complementary discrete power amplifier
  •     7 Audio Inputs including Phono Input
  •     Built-in Phono-equalizer Amplifier (MM Type)
  •     Mic Input with Mic Mixing
  •     Two Selectable Speaker Channels (Speaker A and B)
  •     TAPE2 Monitor
  •     Balance Control, Tone Control (Bass, Treble), Loudness
  •     Source Direct
  •     Headphone Out


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