Samsung UE43KS7500 43" Curved SUHD TV


rrp £1,099.00 From £749.00

Welcome to a Quantum leap in picture quality with the new 2016 range of Samsung SUHD TV's. 

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Razor Sharp 4K
To respond to screens getting bigger, brands have packed their screens with more pixels. This 43-inch screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. Experience this high-spec picture across a range of broadcasts, movies, sports and more thanks to 4K upscaling. As it converts lower resolution content to near-4K quality, anything you watch on the big screen will be truly extraordinary.

Vibrant Quantum Dot SUHD Display
Samsung add even more colour to their HDR and SUHD with a mass of super-tiny nanocrystals that give deeper shades. This tech delivers 30% more colour accuracy and 64 times more gradation to each pixel than standard sets. So, the KS7500 will give your living room an insane lustre that plunges into the delightful depths of every show and movie.

Ultra-Black Moth-Eye Technology
Embrace blacker blacks, whiter whites and an all-round contrast bonanza with Samsung’s new Ultra-Black tech. The KS7500 absorbs natural light in the same way that a moth does to see better at night, so your set won’t suffer from frustrating glare. This way, you won’t need to close your curtains to keep colours sharp. Furthermore, this TV’s Peak Illuminator Pro doubles the depth of blacks of standard 4K, giving your home-viewing premium polish.

Curved Immersion
The curved UHD screen on the KS7500 gives you the best seat in the house. Carefully configured to complement its screen size, the curved screen allows for more depth, a wider field of view and a clearer picture. Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology creates deeper, 3D-like, images that make you feel like you’re part of the action. The screen also produces higher levels of contrast, meaning less external light is reflected towards the viewer and ensuring a clearer picture, even if you’re not seated directly in front of the television.

Sensational Smart Platform
With Samsung’s revamped Smart Hub, it’s never been easier to access your favourite media. Stream 4K content from the likes of Amazon, YouTube and Netflix, download hundreds of apps* and catch all this as soon as you turn your set on with the Live TV and over the top (OTT) functions. Furthermore, Samsung’s new Smart Control remote automatically detects other devices such as set-top boxes or games consoles, so you don’t have to juggle multiple remotes.

Control Your Connected Home With SmartThings Extend
Developed alongside SmartThings, Samsung’s SUHD TV will have built-in software to let you do anything from switching on your lights to locking your doors**. It will connect to over 200 SmartThings compatible devices and put your home under complete wireless control – all from your TV. This way, you’ll be able to set the right scene in your living room without getting off the sofa. Please note that this feature is coming soon.

10-Year Screen Burn Warranty
Samsung are offering a 10 year screen burn warranty to all customers. This way, you’re covered – no matter what. Just register your TV here after you’ve set it up.



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