QED Reference 40 Subwoofer Cable



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QED Reference 40 Subwoofer Cable

Reference Subwoofer 40, the new standard for timing, accuracy and rhythm

QED Subwoofer 40 has been designed primarily for low capacitance, as this has been identified by QED as a major factor making for a tight sound which retains the rhythm of the original piece - vital when it comes to the 'bottom end!" Minute timing errors are ameliorated by the use of QED's Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM combined with a special floating Zn/Mn ferrite jacket to absorb very high frequency noise signals outside the audible band. The QED AnalocTM plug design helps to control eddy currents which can also affect the micro-timing of the audio signal, maintaining high- fidelity from start to finish.


  • QED Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM with 99.99% Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper
  • Zn/Mn ferrite jacket to absorb high frequency noise signals
  • Low losss foamed polyethylene (PE) dielectric
  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper braid for 100% electromagnetic screening coverage in a coaxial geometry
  • Twin leaf 24c Gold plated QED AnalocTM RCA plugs featuring high purity copper contacts, hollow centre pin and low eddy current design
  • Conductor Section 0.30 mm2
  • Parallel Capacitance 124 pF/m
  • Loop Resistance 0.076 Ω/m
  • Loop Inductance 0.33 uH
  • Dissipation Factor @ 10 kHz 0.0210
  • Outside Diameter 6 mm
  • QED Lifetime Guarantee


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