Pro-ject Phono Box E Phonostage


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The Phono Box E is a sturdy and modern-feeling introductory phono stage.

Designed specifically to amplify your moving magnet cartridge output to line level. The form factor of the unit is small and subtle, so it can be placed near the turntable/amp without being intrusive.

Key Features:

  • Ampli•cation and RIAA equalisation for MM cartridges
  • Design principle inspired by Dr. Sykora
  • SMD circuitry
  • Special low noise components
  • Internal metal shielding
  • Small size allows installation close to record player
  • Gold plated RCA connection sockets
  • Outboard power supply included
  • Black or White casing

Technical Data:

  • Input Impedance: 47k / 100pF
  • Input Capacitance: 120pF
  • Gain: 40dB
  • Output Voltage Typically: 500mV / 1kHz at 5mV / 1kHz
  • Noise Floor: 88dB - A Weighted
  • THD: <0.04%
  • RIAA Equalisation Curve Accuracy: 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0.5dB
  • Power Consumption: 20mA DC
  • Outboard Power Supply: 18V / 500mA DC
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)(w/Plugs): 120 x 32 x 100(115)mm
  • Weight: 250g (Without Power Supply)


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