Pro-Ject Hear-IT One - Audiophile Headphones



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Pro-Ject Hear IT One - Audiophile Headphones

Don't be deceived by the rather entry level price and fairly standard look to these headphones; where it matters most - sound quality - these headphones are punching well above their weight!

Utilising soft leather ear pads (filled with memory foam) these are very comfortable for longer listening sessions, the small design lends itself to a degree of portability and those memory foam ear pads do a good job of noise cancellation.

We've found they need a fair amount of running in, sounding quite 'mushy' and boomy out of the box, however after as little as 10 hours use they really start to open up. They are never going to sound quite as open as the equivalent Grado's (SR80i or 125i) due to the closed back design and the fact they have been tuned for a slightly warmer sound - however for a closed back design they are surprisingly neutral and offer a superb amount of good quality bass reproduction. Obviously being closed back means less sound leakage - perfect for listening sessions where you may not be the only one in the room!

According to Heniz (CEO of Pro-Ject) these headphones are not designed to be 'the very best headphones you can buy' but are true to the Pro-Ject ethos of offering proper audiophile quality for as little cost as possible. In this regard the Pro-Ject Hear IT One headphones score a triamphunt victory, easily comparable to headphones costing 3 or 4 times the amount.

The recipe is simple; since most of the manufacturing cost of headphones (typically up to 90%) is spent on just the casing design and tooling, Heinz went about it differently. These headphones have one of the very best 38mm transducer's (drive units) available, coupled with proper leather ear cups and a Hi-Fi quality oxygen free cable (of Heniz's own design) to produce the very best sound. The casing for the headphone is actually a very old Phillips design, again the money is spent only where needed so although the headphone casing is plastic the end caps are aluminuim - further underpinning the work the drive units are able to do. We quite like the design, how often is it you are able to buy a retro (insert product here) for less than the original?

All in all we think these are excellent little headphones and are highly recommended.


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