Pioneer PD-30AE CD Player



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Pioneer PD-30AE CD Player

Focussed on the essentials, with meaningful features

The PD-30 AE unlike most players in its class is based on a pure, genuine CD drive. The specialisation of this silent drive for only one task positively impacts both the low operating noise and the sound of the player.

Precise data readout is supported by a low-vibration steel sheet housing with aluminium front, a generously dimensioned power supply and an especially low-interference precision clock that cycles the drive and D/A converter with ±10ppm accuracy so that jitter interfering with the sound does not develop in the first place.

Thanks to optical and coaxial digital outputs, the converter of the PD-30 AE can also be used by external players – even without using the connected amplifier thanks to the integrated, variable headphone jack.

Synergy for ultimate convenience is realised when the PD-30 AE encounters its network player colleague, the N-30 AE. Then the streamer makes it possible to operate the CD player using the Pioneer Remote App by transferring its commands via remote cable.


Audio Features

  •     192 kHz/24-bit DAC
  •     High-Accuracy Clock
  •     Aluminium Front Panel
  •     Rigid Chassis
  •     Quiet Drive Mechanism
  •     Large Capacity EI Transformer
  •     Headphone Terminal for High-Quality Sound
  •     Detachable AC Power Cord (Replaceable with a Thick Cable)
  •     CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 (CD-R/CD-RW)
  •     25-Track Memory Playback
  •     Random and Repeat Playback


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