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HEOS LINK HS2 now with Bluetooth!

HEOS by Denon is the ultimate solution for wireless multi-room audio. Simple to setup, simple to use and outstanding sound quality are the hallmarks of the HEOS system.

"Combine multiple HEOS speakers to create the perfect wireless multi-room system, where every speaker can play any music connected to the system individually or simultaneously..."


We love HEOS and believe it offers the best feature set, connectivity and sound quality for anyone interested in multi-room audio - be it for an existing stereo or AV system or a completely new wireless speaker solution. It works over your existing wireless network and initial connection is a breeze thanks to the amazing HEOS App. Add a HEOS LINK to include your current Hi-Fi / AV system, or if you have a networked Denon Amplifier / AV receiver you can control volume directly from the within app.

Connect any USB / analogue / optical digital source to any HEOS speaker and you can share it across the whole system - wirelessly! Ever wanted to stream sounds from a record player around the home? Now you can. Connect a USB hard drive to one part of a HEOS system and simultaneously stream different songs to different speakers at the same time, or 'pinch-to-party' to play the same song throughout the home in perfect sync.

HEOS is controlled and accessed via the excellent HEOS app (free to download) where each user creates his/her unique account (free). This allows fast access to any subscribed music service (eg Spotify), memorises playlists and allows simple control of the entire HEOS system. Simply select the room, select the music and PLAY!

The HEOS LINK works like any other part of the HEOS system, with analogue / optical digital & USB inputs that can be wirelessly shared across the entire network. Simply connect into an existing Hi-Fi or AV system via either the Analogue RCA output or the optical digital output and enjoy the flexibility of HEOS on your existing system. The HEOS LINK works as a pre-amp (variable output) for connection directly to a power amp or at a fixed line out level for connection to integrated amplifiers or AV recievers.

Speak to us to hear about the full benefits of this great system or visit us in Daventry for a hands on demo.


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