Elac Debut A4 Dolby Atmos Speaker




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Dolby Atmos technology expands the sonic landscape, creating a true 3-D space that you’ve got to hear to believe. With Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receivers and processors, simply add the Debut A4 to the top of your book- shelf or floorstanding speakers to achieve dimensionality that puts you in the middle of the music and the action.

Woven Aramid-Fiber Woofer

Woven aramid fiber offers superior stiffness-to-weight ratio and damping over common polypropylene or paper cones. The added strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother extended frequency response.

Dolby Atmos Certified

This speaker is designed to sit on top of a traditional floor- standing or bookshelf speaker to add a height dimension to your home theater system without the need for in-ceiling speakers.*

Custom Concentric Driver

Designed by Andrew Jones, this concentric driver delivers an exceptional audio experience and offers a smoother, more extended response and better directivity control over conventional full-range drivers.

Intricate Crossover

A custom crossover with audio-grade components has been designed to ensure smooth transition between drivers.

Speaker type: Sealed
Frequency response: 180 to 20,000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 6 Ω
Sensitivity: 85 dB at 2.83 v/1m
Crossover frequency: 5,000 Hz
Maximum power input: 80 Watts
Tweeter: .5-inch polymer dome
Woofer: 4-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet
Cabinet: CARB2 rated MDF
Cabinet finish: Black brushed vinyl
Binding posts: 5-way metal
Width: 7.87 in / 200 mm
Height: 4.83 in / 123 mm
Depth: 8.75 in / 222 mm


*A Dolby Atmos® AV Receiver or Processor is required to used these add-on speaker modules.


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