Dali Rubicon 8 Floorstanding Speakers


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Dali Rubicon 8 Floorstanding Speakers

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Upping the audio ante to the extreme, the RUBICON 8 is quite simply stunning in terms of the epic soundstage it presents.

The trio of woofers work by kicking in at different frequencies, making the RUBICON 8 the pinnacle of your entry into the world of high-end audio at a mid-range price.

Delivering a totally transparent image with a richness of detail that recreates the passion of a live performance, the wider sound dispersion afforded by our hybrid tweeter helps the RUBICON 8 fill even the most sizeable of spaces with the purest audio your ears will ever witness.

Standing over a metre tall, the elegantly styled RUBICON 8 is constructed from solid MDF and is available in four striking finishes: High-Gloss White, High-Gloss Black, Rosso and Walnut. As with its floor standing siblings, it also comes complete with both spike set and rubber feet plus a polishing cloth to keep your new pride and joy fingerprint free.

RUBICON and Wood Fibre Cones.

Utilising the unique soft magnetic compound (SMC) magnet motor system that DALI pioneered for the EPICON series, the RUBICON's wood-fibre cones deliver a high-end audio quality that's staggeringly clear, astoundingly open and affected by very little unwanted distortion or colouration.

RUBICON and the Cabinet construction. In every cabinet the mid-range and bass drivers are separated into their own chambers. This enables us to individually tune every driver to its specific frequency range to maximise the woofer output. Furthermore, every woofer has its own bass reflex port placed directly behind the woofer to minimise turbulence and optimise the timing between the woofer and the bass port. Comprehensive internal bracing is applied to eliminate cabinet resonance and colouration of the sound.

RUBICON and the Hybrid Tweeter module.

DALI's trademark hybrid tweeter module, equipped on RUBICON 5, 6, 8 and LCR, combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of the high frequencies, and a dispersion of high-frequency sound that outperforms all other tweeter technologies.

All variants in the Rubicon series feature the DALI SMC magnet system which reduces distortion as never heard before. Part of the secret is the individually coated magnetic granules that make it possible to mould a strong magnet that's not electrically conductive.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range : 38 - 34.000Hz (+/-3 dB)
  • Sensitivity : 90.5 dB
  • Nominal Impedance : 4ohm
  • Crossover Frequency : 500 / 800 / 2,500 / 14,000Hz
  • Connection input(s) : Bi-Wire
  • Magnetic Shielding : No
  • Recommended Distance From Wall : 20 - 180cm
  • Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) : 1,100 x 220 x 445mm
  • Weight : 27.30Kg (ea)


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