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The Dali Kubik Xtra is the passive sibling of the new active Dali Kubik Free. By adding this to the Kubik Free, you can expand the listening experience into a true stereo performance.

The Kubik system is made up of two elements - the Kubik Free and the Kubik Xtra. With the addition of the Kubik Xtra, the Kubik Free can be transformed from a standalone system into a one room stereo system, or into a two room standalone system.

Through out the development of the Kubik system, Dali had a tight focus on making it simple to setup and as flexible as possible. Dali wanted to create an active speaker that would be up and running one minute after it has been opened.

Connecting a Kubik Xtra is done via the special connector in the bottom of the Kubik Free. The 6 wire connector cable transfer the signal to the woofer and tweeter module individually utilising the active crossover in the Kubik Free, and power the indicator LED for easy access to a visual status check of the Kubik system.


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