Audio Technica VM670SP Dual Moving Magnet Mono Cartridge for Shellac or Phonograph records



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Audio Technica VM670SP Dual Moving Magnet Mono Cartridge for Shellac or Phonograph records

Dual Moving Magnet Mono Cartridge

Model dedicated to 78 RPM records, whose round stylus has a large curvature radius at the tip. The curvature radius is 3 mil, and suitable for playing 78 RPM records from a wide variety of eras.

  • Aluminium cantilever
  • Para-toroidal coils improve generating efficiency
  • Mono body terminating left and right channels reduces surface noise
  • Durable low resonance polymer housing

Audio-Technica’s internationally-patented Dual Magnet design replicates the structure of the cutter head.

Instead of using a single, large magnet, the two magnets are arranged in the shape of a "V". The two magnets are positioned precisely to match the positions of the left and right channels in the stereo groove walls. Consequently, the VM design ensures outstanding channel separation, extended frequency response and superb tracking.

Para-toroidal generating system

Para-toroidal coils improve generating efficiency and offers superb linearity, since leakage of magnetic flux in this continuous and unitised magnetic circuit is low. Permeability of the cores is also optimised through the use of laminated cores.

Mono body

For monaural operation, left and right channels should be connected. A mono body on which left and right terminals are connected internally reduces record noise which is primarily in the vertical direction and obtains a highly focused ‘centre’ sound image compared with stereo bodies.

  • Type      VM Type
  • Mounting            1/2” centres
  • Frequency Response     20 - 20,000Hz
  • Output Voltage                 3.0mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
  • Vertical Tracking Angle 23˚
  • Vertical Tracking Force Range     4.5 – 5.5g (5.0g standard)
  • Stylus Shape      Conical Bonded (3mil)
  • Stylus Size           3.0 mil
  • Stylus Construction         Bonded Round Shank
  • Cantilever           Aluminium Pipe
  • Coil Impedance                 1,400Ω (1kHz)
  • Static Compliance            15 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • Dynamic Compliance      2.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz)
  • Recommended Load Impedance              47,000Ω
  • Recommended Load Capacitance             100 – 200pF
  • Weight 6.4g
  • Dimensions        17.3 (H) x 17.0 (W) x 28.2 (L) mm
  • Replacement Stylus        VMN70SP
  • Accessories Included      Cartridge installation screws 5mm ×2 and 10mm ×2, Washer ×2, Hexagon nut ×2


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