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Kef LS50 Wireless

As we all know, one of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down with one of your favourite albums in glorious high resolution. However for decades, this has meant surrendering to the tyranny of components and systems and manuals and gurus. Kef have decided, ‘No more!’ and are looking to change the game with the new Kef LS50 Wireless standmount speakers - for all this compact setup offers, you’ll begin to question the need for anything more.

The KEF LS50W packs audiophile-grade 230W dual mono amplifiers with custom EQ and integrated streaming into two gorgeous designer bookshelf speakers, all an industry first – making it truly complete and versatile. What that translates to is a simple, elegant, all-in-one solution that brings the music you love to life after a 5-minute set-up. Discover new levels of depth, scale and detail in the very music you thought you knew.

Last years What Hifi? Awards saw the KEF LS50 Wireless speakers win System Product of the Year 2017 as well as receive an entry into the Hall of Fame – truly a resounding success on all fronts.


LS50 Wireless Colour Options

But what is it about the LS50-W system that means you should chop in your separates? We’ve had these in our showroom and there’s a lot that makes this system stand out.

Have you spent hours adjusting your speaker setup by centimeters to try and find that perfect sweet spot? Kef’s patented Uni-Q technology places the tweeter in the centre of the mid-range driver allowing a detailed, controlled 3D image that isn’t as reliant on room placement as a conventional system.

High and low frequencies should hit your ears at exactly the right time. This perfect time alignment was only an ideal case in theory previously, and perfectly accurate sound could only be experienced within a small 'sweet spot'. With LS50 Wireless’ advanced time correcting DSP crossover and the unique sound dispersion abilities of Uni-Q, time corrected accurate sound can be achieved in different types of rooms. This is a feat that cannot be reproduced by any other active speaker.

One of the other neat little features is the ability to adjust how the system sounds using a selectable EQ tuned to compensate for different mounting scenarios, creating more options for placement and positioning.

LS50 Wireless delivers a clear, accurate and transparent sound that creates an intense, rich, and multi-dimensional sound stage experience. Made possible from its small enclosures through expert acoustic design and state-of-the-art technologies, get ready for the next evolution in HiFi. 

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