Jamo's AffordableNew Atmos

We’re proud to announce that Audible Fidelity is now an official dealer of Jamo speakers.

Over the last 50 years, Jamo have made a name for themselves in the audiophile community as one of the most forward thinking, exciting brands going. Fusing minimalist ideals with traditional Scandinavian design, you can expect high-performing, contemporary speakers, engineered for the modern music fan.

From their home cinema surround speakers, to wireless, and even Dolby Atmos enabled units, there’s nothing in the modern speaker market that isn’t covered. Jamo fits comfortably into our product range alongside Dali, Monitor Audio, and Wharfedale as a prestigious company offering something new for the modern hifi market.

The full range is available to view on our website but you can see a breakdown of the product portfolio below:

Jamo Surround Sound Packages – Jamo bring some of the highest quality budget AV speaker packages available and allow us to give you so much more for less: Jamo S 803 HCS // Jamo S 805 HCS // Jamo S 807 HCS
Subwoofers – Whereas a lot of brands will tie a specific subwoofer to each package, Jamo understand that this isn’t always the most appropriate choice for the space in question and so you can customise your choice to ensure the best sonic fit: Jamo S 810 SUB // Jamo S 808 SUB
Speakers – It’s not all about AV, there is a whole range of two-channel speakers available to fit most budgets and specific needs. It all comes down to fantastic, audiophile-quality sound and striking aesthetics: Jamo S 801 // Jamo S 803 // Jamo S 805 // Jamo S 807 // Jamo S 809
Soundbars – Not everyone is able to facilitate a full surround sound system in their front room, and it’s not the most convenient solution. With modern technology, there’s a lot you can do with a soundbar and the latest range proves this, the addition of a wireless subwoofer on the higher spec model really is quite impressive.: Jamo SB36 // Jamo SB40

Atmos Speakers – Dolby Atmos is swiftly becoming the new standard for home-cinema listening and without putting holes in your ceiling, dedicated Atmos speakers are the best way to make the most of this incredible new technology: Jamo S 8 ATM
If you can’t find the exact configuration you’re looking for or if you just have some more questions, you can call our sales team on 01327301006 or email us at sales@audiblefidelity.co.uk